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Putting Prayer Into Practice

Upcoming Dates


  • Opening Day Dec.7th
  • Closing Ceremonies Feb. 9th
  • Picture Week (During practice Dec 16-20)
  • No practices during Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks


HiHoops Rulebook:

HiHoops Rule Book:

1. Mandatory Participation Rules:

- Equal play time for all players over the course of the season is our goal.

- 1st Quarter – 5 players will play the entire quarter.

- 2nd Quarter – 5 new players will replace the 1st Quarter players (if possible) who will play the entire 2nd Quarter

- Each player must play at least two (2) full quarters.

- If you have seven (7) or more players, no player should play more than three (3) quarters.

- No child will sit out two consecutive quarters.

- Substitutions are allowed anytime after the first quarter but only for players in the process of playing more than one consecutive quarter.

- Every child will have an opportunity to be in the starting lineup.

- In most cases, each child will play against someone of equal ability.

2. General Rules:

Goal Heights
Grades 3 & 4 - 9 feet
Grades 1 & 2 - 8 feet
Pre K & K  - 7 ½ feet

Game Ball
Grades 1 - 4: Interm. Size Basketball (28.5”)
Pre K & K: Rookie Size Basketball (27.5”)

Other than the guidelines listed below, high school rules will apply.

-Referees lead both teams in a prayer at center court before every game.

-A coin flip or other impartial method determines which team receives possession first. In  jump ball situations, possessions will alternate.

-Teams will switch goals at half-time.

-Coaches are allowed to walk the sidelines and encourage their players without stepping in the playing area.

-All coaches will adhere to the substitution rules as defined.

-Only man to man defenses will be allowed (i.e. no zone defenses).

- Double-teaming is not allowed. However, help defense is encouraged in the following instances:

a. In the Lane Area – If a defender is in the lane, and the player being guarded is within arms’ reach, the defender may remain in the lane. 

b. Off Picks and Screens – Defensive switching is allowed on offensive picks and screens. At the appropriate time, players should return to guarding their assigned player.

c. During Fast Breaks – When an offensive player has beaten their defender, another defensive player may help. Upon stopping the fast break, defenders should return to guarding their assigned player.

-  No pressing is allowed

-  At the beginning of each quarter, both coaches should line up highest ranked players across from each other without giving verbal cues.

-  Backcourt violations will not be called.

-  The offense must purposefully attack the defense in every situation. After a warning from the referee, if the offense does not cross half court, a violation will be called, and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.

-  Referees will call and explain all violations and the penalty will be a turnover. These explanations will vary according to the age group and understanding of players and should decrease as the season progresses. When possible, referees will verbally advise players of potential violations before the violation occurs.

- There will be no technical fouls or protest of games.

-  No score will be given for a basket in the wrong goal.

-  There will be a five (5) minute half-time between the second and third quarters.

-  A team must have at least four (4) players to begin a game, but must have at least five (5) players before the beginning of the 2nd Quarter.

-  Coaches need to have teams ready to play at least 15 minutes before game time.

3.  Rules – Pre-K and Kindergarten League

- No score will be kept.

- No league standings will be kept.

- Pre-K and Kindergarten games will consist of four (4) six-minute quarters (running time).

4. Rules – 1st and 2nd Grade League

- Games will consist of four (4) seven-minute quarters (running time).

- No free throws will be awarded: a throw-in will be awarded to the fouled team.

- A player must stay within arms length of his/her offensive player after he/she is across half court.

5. Rules- 3rd and 4th Grade League

- Games will consist of four (4) seven-minute quarters.

- Stop time for all fouls in last minute of half and game.

- No overtime. If final score ends in a tie, the game shall be recorded in the standings as a tie. 

Safe Environment Certification for Coaches

ALL coaches must be cleared through a background check + Safe Environment Course

Safe Env Cert (pdf)